Toubkal Massif Treks

The Atlas Mountains of Morocco offer an incredible variety of scenery, climate and terrain, where the Berbers’ way of life has changed little in a thousand years. The Toubkal region, which contains the highest and most spectacular peaks, is covered in this webpage, along with detailed descriptions for circuits in the less well known . The highest point lies in the Toubkal region at 4167m high. Each route is categorized as easy, moderate or strenuous. This refers solely to the amount of effort expended. However, because of the rocky terrain of the Atlas Mountains, some indication of the degree of seriousness is also given, where appropriate. 
Walking is a wonderful  art for travellers, it allows everybody to discover and learn the best rythm to follow & act while exploring probably the best way of exploring the real morocco landscape, such us mountains, ,berber villages, valleys, highest peaks (mount toubkal), beaches & historic monuments  either independently or with a group. The speed of pace is perfect for taking in all that this beautiful country has to offer. You won’t miss as thing!

There are thousands of walking routes all over morocco; miles of trails, that will take you over green terraces and duns and deep valleys, with some amazing surrounding scenery. Every part of morocco offers some kind of walking/trekking and hiking opportunities.

Scenery is enjoyed to its fullest from the very top. During the following hikes, ClimbingToubkal will take you to the place which will open up the whole landscape just in front of your eyes to absorb the stillness, dramatic shapes and conjunction of the earth and air.

Jebel Toubkal is North Africa’s highest mountain. It has been a target for mountain climbers since the 1920’s when the Club Alpin francais founded a branch in Casablanca and European adventurers started discovering High Atlas Mountains. The following trekking options offer more or less direct paths to the Toubkal peak, with a variety of stopovers at the region’s highlight spots. ​