The Moroccan Mountains Team is an authentic and a reliable trekking group of very experienced Mountain Guides . All of our team members are familiar with the nature and culture of Morocco with most having grown up in the High Atlas mountains. We strive to instill respect for these mountains and take pride in doing our part to preserve their natural beauty, the way of life of its people, and its rich cultural heritage.​

Is my driver also my guide?

We work a little differently than most other operators in Morocco. After years in the field, we have found a balance between driver and guides that we feel works well. Essentially, your driver is more than a driver. He is your tour host and confidant. And, we consider our drivers to be the best in the entire country. Many of them hold advanced English degrees. They are with you to keep you safe on the roads, answer cultural questions you might have, and to simply act as a key to the local culture and regions you’ll be visiting. Our guides are located in areas where you’ll need them most. In Fez and Marrakesh, you’ll have a certified city guide for at least one day to show you the ancient medinas. Then, in other areas, you’ll meet our local regional guides (who we call coordinators in some cases) who take you into their villages, share their homes, and enlighten you about their area in the country. This balance really means you have experts when needed and have time for independent exploration when possible and worthwhile.


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