M’goun Massif treks

The Atlas Mountains is the country where the existence of a splendid afterlife is undoubtedly agreed upon. The Bouguemez valley & M’goun , nicknamed ‘Happy Valley’ for the purported disposition of its inhabitants, remains by all accounts Morocco’s most stunning high-altitude destination besides the Toubkal National Park , which would usually be mobbed with trekking-minded tourists at summer times. The Bouguemez Valley is, on the other hand, described as “the best-kept secret in Morocco.”  
The Bouguemez valley resembles the secluded mountain kingdom of the travellers’ imagination. The land is intensely cultivated in precise geometric patterns that form intricate mosaics on the fertile valley floor. Scattered here and there are clusters of fortified houses made from the same red clay that they rest on and stacked like blocks turned out from a child’s sand bucket.

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