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Trekking in Morocco's Atlas Mountains

Trekking in Atlas Mountains of Morocco :
Is one of the very best things Morocco has to offer In the High Atlas Mountains , the country boasts one of the most rewarding mountain ranges in the world. If you are used to the Pyrenees or Alps, here you will feel you are moving a country or so back in time. Trekking in the Atlas Mountains makes for an incredible holiday. The tiny villages perched on the sides of the mountain, the warmth and hospitality of the Berber people and the spectacular views all add up to a amazing  Atlas Mountain 

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Based in Toubkal national park and Precisely the village of imlil, ClimbingToubkal is an independent Berber operator owned by Mohamed & Brahim Aztat, organising private trekking & hiking tours, 4×4 adventure Holidays in Morocco’s  Atlas mountains  epic outdoors.
We been working with many different international travel organizations like : Adventure land and world challenge, Tourdust, exudos, exploretravel. and more…
In addition of our experience and knowledge of the atlas mountains and the Morocco in general, we have diploma from the centre of professional guides & Graduated from the “ Royal Moroccan Federation of Skiing and Mountaineering, makes us qualified and certified guides.

Hiking Trips To Atlas Mountains From Marrakech

Moroccois a magnificent Trekking destination offering an array of landscapesand treks to suit all abilities.The snow-capped high atlas Mountains are justifiably famous, especially North Africa’s highest Peak Jbel Toubkal (4167m) which can be tackled as a straight ascent or as a part of a ciruit

Hike across deep gorges, Gushing river streams and jenniper forests. Get amazed by the highest waterfall in the Atlas Mountains. Go through Berber villages, meet locals and discover their lifestyles, All That in 2 day Trek from Marrakech


Toubkal Ascent Trek 2D/1N

Price: Start from €150

Challenge yourself to climb the highest peak in North Africa (Toubkal) in 2 days. The tour starts and finishes in the vibrant city of Marrakech , ​ its challangin but anybody in good physical condition can reach the top.

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mount toubkal

Mount Toubkal Ascent 3D/1N

Price: Start from €200

This is the best 3 days to make the Toubkal but not in winter , This trek takes you to get look from the highest peak in north Afriqua in winter .The Toubkal Trek can easily be combined with extra days in the Sahara

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atlas mountains villagess

Imlil & Azzaden Valley Trek

Price: Start from €105

Hike across deep gorges, Gushing river streams and jenniper forests. Get amazed by the highest waterfall in the Atlas Mountains (igholiden cascad). Go through Berber villages, meet locals and discover their lifestyles

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Exploring the sahara by camel – whether on an overnight excursions or a longer Trek – is one of morocco’s signature activities and most rewording wilderness experiences
Morocco’s most evocative stretches of saharan sand are erg chebbi near merzouga and erg Chigaga near M’hamid, and Zagora and past the more accessible Tinfou dunes.

The trip to the oasis starts with a long route by road which is an experience itself geographically speaking, and also because of the numerous stops to cool down Before You get to ride the camel Inside the sand dunes of erg chebbi

sahara camel tours

Zagora Camel ride

Price: Start from € 244

In comparison to Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga, Zagora does not offer a real desert experience but is a good choice for family tours with children or anyone with limited time. The dunes can be reached on a two day trip from Marrakech and you can break the journey one way at Ouarzazate

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sahara desert

Erg Chebbi Camel Ride

Price: Start from €299

Erg Chebbi is a dune field of about 22 Km from north to south and about 5 Km from east to west. Among the dunes there are several oasis .The trip to the oasis starts with a long route by road which is an experience itself geographically speaking whats makes it special is the color of the dune

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sahara desert

Kasbah & Camel Trek

Price: Start from €380

4 day 3 night morocco desert tours from Marrakech. overnight stay at dades gorges and Merzouga desert camp with sunset and sunrise camel trek through the highest dunes of Erg Chebbi. Over the Atlas Mountains. Visit Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, Dades valley, Ouarzazate, Todra Gorge and more

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Discover the best tours in Morocco From Hiking in The Berber Villages in Atlas Mountains To Camel Ride in Sahara Desert, Highlights of Morocco, Atlas And Sahara & Beyond

The best trip we can recommend to our guests is a combination betwen two differents part of Morocco , Atlas Mountains and Sahara So first part is Hiking and the second part which is Camel ride in Erg chebbi merzouga in Sahara Desert


Toubkal Ascent & Erg Chebbi

Price: Start from €490

This tour gives you the chance to see the diversity of the nature of morocco. by climbing the highest mountain in north africa to deep dunes of merzouga, passing from the beautifull gorges of dades and todra, without forgetting they the great kasbah

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berber villages and sahara desert

Berber Villages & Sahara Desert

Price: Start from €470

A combined tour package including sahara trek in Erg Chebbi dunes & Berber villages in high atlas Mountains explore Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah & the last town of southern Morocco before algerian border, experience camel trek in merzouga.

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Three Valleys & Sahara Desert

Price: Start from €420

The best trip we can recommend to our guests is a combination betwen two differents part of Morocco ,Atlas Mountains and Sahara .So first part which trekking in Atlas Mountains is an adventure part and the second part which is Camel ride in Erg chebbi

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If your holiday time not allow to you to do long trek do not miss the chance to visit the following places: Imlil & Ourika Valley, Tin Mal Mosque, Ouzoud Waterfalls Day tours , Best trails to walk. Our walking tours have been selected and designed to appeal to all levels of fitness

Day trip from Marrakech to Imlil Valley and visit the Berber villages of the high Atlas mountains. This full day excursion is intended to introduce you to the mountainous and rural valley of Imlil at the foot of the Toubkal summit.


Imlil Valley Day Trip

Price: Start from €63

Take a Day excursion from Marrakech to Imlil Valley and visit the Berber villages of the high Atlas mountains in full Day trip from Marrakech. This full day excursion is intended to introduce you to the mountainous and rural valley of Imlil at the foot of the highest peack in north africa mount Toubkal at elevation of 4167m

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Tinmel Mosque Day Trip

Price: Start from €80

Abd el-Moumen had this sanctuary built in 1153 to honour Ibn Toumert, who is buried in Tinmel. Neglected after the decline of the Almohads, Tinmel Mosque eventually fell into ruin,The surrounding walls and the arches in the axial nave were rebuilt, and two bays were covered. The paving was reconstructed all over

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Ait benhaddou Kasbah

Price: Start from €180

Ait Ben haddou, 32km from Ouarzazate, is one of the most exotic and best-preserved Kasbahs in the entire Atlas region. This is hardly surprising, since it has had money poured into it as a result of being used for scenes in as many as 20 films, notably Lawrence of Arabia, Jusus of Nazareth and Gladiator.

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morocco is arguably africa’s top trekking destination; walking between berber villages climb mount toubkal…however, with country’s diverse terrain, numerous other activities are in Offer, Horse riding Camel riding Quad & mountain biking .

Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains  offers a wide variety of landscapes. The Atlas mountain range runs through the middle of the country. Amongst the high barren peaks rising to over 4,000m are woodlands of pine, oak and cedar, open pastureland and small lakes.


Atlas Horse Trek

Price: Start from €85

In the past riding a horse was a way of transportation but nowadays it’s one of the best ways to enjoy nature! Explore atlas mountains from horseback, The tour will start from Tahannout , up to Imlil village where you  will go for a short walk and stop for lunch in berber village.

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Atlas Mountain Bike

Price: Start from €100

Ordinary cycling is possible in morocco but mountain biking opens up the options considerably for the very fit, the vast networks of pistes (dirt tracks) and footpaths in the High atlas mountains offer the most rewarding biking. depending in you holiday duration 

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atlas mountains quad bike

Atlas Quad Bike

Price: Start from €180

In this particular Marrakech Half Day Quad Biking Excursion, you will be discovering the multitude of different landscapes that surround Marrakech. We will be drifting through the sandy rugged outskirts of the city all the way to the green palm groves lining the rive

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John Doe
John Doe
@John Doe
I had never done anything like this before and a ten day trek is a big first step, but Brahim and the Sherpa's could not have been more friendly and helpful, Brahim grew up in Imlil so he knows the area better than his own house! The countryside and Atlas Mountains are stunning and every single village is welcoming. Bring sweets for the children and maybe a ball for them as well. 10/10 orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis,
A group of four of us did the Toubkal/Sahara 5-day trek and could not be happier with the trip. Brahim was knowledgeable, patient and flexible to our needs and directly contributed to making our trek so special. I highly recommend Brahim to anyone looking for an authentic experience as well as wants to see jaw dropping views in mountains, desert and gorges
Fantastic 5 day trek with Brahim through the Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert. He was everything you'd want in a guide - professional, knowledgable, and went out of his way to make our trip a special experience. Can't recommend enough!
Dieter S
Dieter S
@Dieter S
I also thought about climbing Jebel Toubkal at first. But luckily I decided to take it more relaxed on lower altitude. And the 4-days hike into the Berber valleys was excactly what I was looking for. Climbing over mountain-passes and walking down into deep valleys gave enough exercising for my body. Being surrounded by high mountains, beautiful landscapes, interesting geology, sunny weather ... while you get a brief insight into the Berbers life gave a lot of peace and inspiration for my soul.
A year ago exactly, october 2017 I did a 5 day trek to Toubkal with Climbing Toubkal and had an amazing time. I enjoyed it so much in fact that i couldnt wait to come back and do it all again. This year Brahim guided us expertly through 4 stunning valleys and burber villages for 4 days. His easy going personality made it a pleasure to walk with him. Our cook Omar cooked us fantastic meals in beautiful lunchtime locations and tasty dinners in the gites at night. I think the best food we ate in all of Morocco was in the mountains.
Kayleigh T
Kayleigh T
@Kayleigh T
I recently went on the 3 day 2 night waterfall trek ending with a summit climb of Mount Toubkal and I cannot praise the experience enough. Ibrahim was the best guide you could ask for! He was so friendly and professional throughout and he is happy to completely tailor the climb to your fitness levels and taste. We were lucky enough to be taken to the summit in the wee hours of the morning so that we could reach the peak for sunrise and Ibrahim did a fantastic job guiding through this awesome terrain. We all want to return next year and our first port of call would be getting Ibrahim to be our guide again.
Chris W
Chris W
@Chris W
Climbing Mt. Toubkal with our guide Ibrahim was a genuine pleasure. He was friendly, relaxed, fun and really enhanced the trip with his knowledge and insight. We couldn't have asked for a better guide. The mountain climb, though challenging, was hugely rewarding - seeing the sun rise from the mountain was truly memorable - and the accommodation at 'base camp' was great. The desert trip, meanwhile, was also memorable - seeing the stars from the desert I will never forget.