Atlas Valley Treks: Strongly recommended year-round, the Atlas valleys and Berber villages trekking options are for those not intent on climbing Toubkal. They offer, in our opinion, the best mountain scenery and Berber villages within the Imlil and Toubkal National Park area. And because they stay below the snowline, they are accessible in the winter to all regardless of experience

Valley treks in Atlas Mountains

Trekking in the Atlas Mountains opens up new horizons of awareness, blending physical challenge with mental relaxation and a spiritual elation inspired by splendid scenery and heartwarming human encounters. Different trekking routes offer a different range of lengths and difficulties. Some trekking routes are just a day trip, hiking trip and some are very long and high altitude exploration over the mountain pass. It depends on your own choice to fulfill your dream.

Trekking can be as long or short, as easy or difficult as you wish. There are two types of a trek in Morocco – those where you stay in small lodges or Berber guest houses and those which are fully organized or “camping treks”. We are a Professional trekking agency, specialize in giving you Morocco the way you want to see it. We tailor-make trekking requirements with a team of well-experienced hands

There are thousands of walking routes all over morocco; miles of trails, that will take you over green terraces and duns and deep valleys, with some amazing surrounding scenery. Every part of morocco offers some kind of walking/trekking and hiking opportunities.

Imlil Valley Trek

Travel from Marrakech through many little hamlets and Berber villages to the magnificent Western High Atlas Mountains. Trek past the villages of Imlil, Arghen and M’zzik. Visit; a village in the Assif Aït Mizane Valley, overlooking ancient irrigated terraced fields of fruit trees and vegetables. Get over Tiz M’zzik Mountain pass and descent through juniper trees down to Tizi Oussem village for the night.

Three valley & Berber Villages Trek

Strongly recommended year-round, this is a fantastic trek for those not climbing Toubkal. It offers in our opinion the best mountain scenery and Berber villages within the Imlil and Toubkal National Park area. And because it stays below the snowline, it is accessible in the winter to all regardless of experience

Imlil To Ourika Valley Trek

Despite its relative proximity, each of the valleys differs the other. Due to the subsoil consisting of minerals and different compounds, they are of significant colours and soil, which subsequently affect the character of the human dwellings. An amazing trek across the two Berber valleys of the High Atlas Mountains leads from Imlil to Setti Fadma via Tizi n’Tacheddirt (3600m) and Ourika valley.
The altitude allows for great panoramic views over the Toubkal National Park. The second part of the trek will be marked with a colour change.

Berber Villages Trek

Spend 4 days exploring the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains on foot. A hike amidst cool vegetation of juniper is a perfect way to rejuvenate your mind and body. Go across deep gorges, gushing river streams and groves of cherry and walnut trees, as your guide takes you on a great walk up and down the beautiful hills.

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