The Landscape and Wildlife of Morocco

The Landscape and Wildlife of Morocco

green valley in atlas mountains

With a mountain range exceeding a height of 4000 m (13130 ft) and a coastline stretching from the Mediterranean to the atlantic, morocco has a varied topograghy. In environments ranging from arid scrublands to cedar forests and high mountains, plant life compriser over 4,000 species adapted to extreme conditions. the coast is visited by migratory birds while the mountains are the habitat of barbary sheep and birds of prey, including the lammergrier

view from the atlas mountains

Mountain Forests and High steppes

Forestes grow in the Rif, the Middle atlas and the western High Atlas , At altitudes of 1,400-2,500m (4,600-8,200 ft) where annual rainfall is 650 mm- 2,000mm ( 25-78 in). The varied vegetation here includes atlas cedar, maritime pine and holm-oak. The high steppes, covered with low, thorny vegetation, are found at altitudes iver 2,700 m (8,860 ft) in the High atlas


The Golden eagle is seen mostly in the mountains, where it preys on jackals, bustards and small nmammals.

the lammergeier
The Golden eagle

The Lammergeier buils its nest on rocky outcrops. it is a scavenger. but sometimes also kills its prey by knocking it off high rocks with a strong flap of its wing.

the coastal regions of morocco

Arid Coastal Regions And Desert

The rocky coastal lowlands safi and agadir has an annual rainfall ranging from 40-150 mm. vegetation,Which is shrubs, mostly acacia. Further south is the desert with ergs ( sand dunes) and stony hammada

the bald ibis in morocco

The Barbary Squirrel whose favourete food is argan nuts, inhabits the arid lowlands of southweastern morocco


The Blad ibis, almost extinct, is found in the souss massif park , a fertile exception to the arid littoral


The Great cormorant nests on sea cliffs between agadir in the north, and the arguin sand banks on mouritania

The Macaque or Babary Ape                    the Macaque is the north Africa only monkey. three quarters of the population lives in the ceder forests of the Middle atlas, up to an altitude of 2.000 m (6,565 ft). Macaques are also found in the Rif, The High Atlas and on the rock of Gibraltar. The animals live in colonies of 10 to 30 individuals, consisting of adults and young monkeys of both sexes. In summer,

The macaque, a tail-less monkey of North Africa

they feed on caterpillars, acorns, mushrooms and asphodel bulbs. In winter, their diet consists of grasses, cedar leaves and soetimes bark

green valley with old buildings in atlas mountains

Scub And Steppe

Southeastern Morocco consists of steppes covered in esparto grass and artemisia. On the high plateaux, o the southern slops of the High atlas and on part of anti-atlas annual rainfall ranges from 100 mm -300 mm and snow is rare. Trees include atlas Pistachio, Juniper and Ash.


The Houbara Bustard Lives in the semi-desert plains of the south


The Golden Jackal  is found throughout North Africa and in the Sahara. It can survive for long periods without water.


The Numidian crane nests on Morocco’s high plateaux in summer


Dry Woodland

Almost all low-lying and middle-altitude regions on the northern side of the atlas are covered by dry woodland. annual rainfall here ranges from 350 mm-800 mm and snowfall is occasional. Trees include holm-oak, cork oak and ermes oak, olive, barbary thuya, and aleppo and maritime pine.

Dorca’s gazelle inhabits the semi-desert regions of the south and east. It feeds on grasses and acacia shoots.

Dorcas gazelle-marwell

The Booted Eagle Lives in the forests of the north and the atlas mountins. It makes its nests in tall trees.

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